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We take a consumer-centric approach and research your target audience. We provide Ethnographies, One-on-One Interviews, Focus Groups, Branded Surveys, & Online Polls.


We engage online influencers through social marketing. We develop and execute social marketing strategies. Create online communities and targeted viral campaigns. Seed online influencers. Monitor and analyze communities.


We develop and execute nightlife events. We have partnerships with promoters & nightclub owners in the 15 largest metro markets. We create customized events that engage crowds.


We integrate mobile with our nightlife events. Mobile allows for reach, real time interaction and effective measurement.

23 Jul 13

Untapped Market: Mobile Marketing and Urban Consumers

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Social media and mobile technology have transformed the way the world communicates.  PEW Research Institute reported that African Americans and English speaking Hispanics are the most active users of the mobile web.   This shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone since these two groups have been early adopters of mobile technology.  Before cell phones, urban consumers were early adopters of beepers.  I remember everyone in middle school carrying pagers of all colors.  We would page our friends in numerical codes that were short messages.   Yes, we were texting in the 1990s.  And then in the early 2000’s, these same consumers were the most active users of two-way pagers.   PEW reports that these consumers utilize the applications and other data functions of cell phones more than any other demographic. What’s bizarre is there are few mobile campaigns targeted to this group when urban consumers have been the most active users of mobile technology for the past 20 years.  There are plethora of opportunities to connect with the urban consumer via mobile, consumers can receive coupons, participate in promotions, and download interactive content.   Whether it is a push or pull strategy, mobile allows for real time interaction and engagement.   Developing a mobile campaign targeted to urban consumers should begin with consumer research.    First, identify how the target audience uses mobile.  Are they active mobile application users?  Do they use an Android or iPhone? Do they use location-based technology with their social networks like FourSquare?  Do they have a QR code application installed on their phone?  These questions will allow you to determine what is the best delivery method - is it pull or push?   After this critical research is conducted, you will be closer to starting an engaging dialogue with the urban consumer.

17 Jul 13
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Lessons Learned from Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was and still is the King of Pop.  It has been over 4 years since he left us, June 25, 2009.  Before all the allegations, MJ was the King of branding. He revolutionized endorsement deals.  Every brand wanted to be attached to his image.  Jackson’s global recognition was synonymous with America, like Coke, McDonalds, and Marlboro. Thats why Pepsi paid a considerable amount of money to MJ.  He was supposedly making $15 million right after Thriller and then $45 million every year after.  And then Disney paid MJ a ridic! sum for Captain EO at Disney World. (The highlight of my childhood).  Nevertheless, Michael was making bank.  Possibly, $50 - $100 million a year from endorsements.  That amount of money from endorsements is still crazy 20 years later. RIP MJ.

15 Jul 13
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